THE CURSE OF COUNT DICKY – many sold-out performances at The IndyFringe Festival, August 16-26, 2018!

A Brief Synopsis:

Vampires live amongst us in the shadows of darkness! Countess Rita and her cronies are the county’s vampire doctors. Their motto is ‘Revive by day, slay by midnight!’ for on full moons, the life-saving physicians turn into vampires with a swollen urge to feed. But poor, poor Count Dicky and his curse … what a challenge. He will surely die tonight unless Countess Rita is able to help him through his awful affliction.

Warning: This is a chilling comedy. Do NOT hold drinks or sharp objects in your hands while viewing. The laughter will make such actions dangerous to you and those around you!

THE CURSE OF COUNT DICKY – was performed at The Indianapolis Professional Firefighters Union Hall, 748 Mass Ave, Indianapolis.


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