Imagine you, your spouse and your sixteen year-old son are invited out of town. But when you get there you discover someone tricked you into going on the trip. If that wasn’t bad enough, you soon realize your son was poisoned and there is no known antidote. Your child has ten hours to live. Twelve at most. This is exactly what happened to Dr. Amy Sinclair, a medical researcher from Zionsville, Indiana, as she was invited to deliver a lecture in Danville, Illinois. STILL is the enthralling story of how Amy and her husband, go through all lengths to save the life of their only son. STILL is extremely captivating, fast-paced and full of twists. It grabs you from the first page and doesn’t let you go until you are finished. The best part of this story is its ending. It is strong, emotional and very powerful. Besides that, it is nothing like you imagine it will be! If you love medical murder mysteries, STILL is a must read!