The Traveler Series

Book 1: The Traveler’s Secret

A miracle drug that saves millions suddenly backfires, threatening to end human life on earth. It’s up to four teenagers and a time traveler to find a solution before it’s too late.

Supreme Pharmaceuticals designs and manufactures Enoxadin, a drug that coats the inner walls of arteries and prevents heart attacks and strokes. The medicine, taken by everyone over twenty-years old, works wonders for decades until it interacts with a new virus and starts killing the population it’s meant to protect.

Brent, a scientist from the future, journeys to the past to find four teenagers and warn them of what will befall an unsuspecting populace. Armageddon is coming, and failure isn’t an option—these young adults have to find a way to save the lives of billions, rescuing them from a horrific and unanticipated disaster.

Ordinary young people with a surprising mission race against time in The Traveler’s Secret, the first volume in The Traveler series, by Dr. L. Jan Eira. Fast-paced, with multiple twists and surprises, this young adult fantasy novel is full of heart and suspense.

The Traveler Series

Book 2: The Traveler’s Quest

In the first installment of the Traveler Series, a miracle drug suddenly backfires, threatening to end human life on Earth. It’s up to a group of normal teenagers to figure out how to prevent the Supreme Pharmaceuticals corporation from continuing to distribute the drug to the entire population.

This isn’t just a matter of shutting down the factories and halting production, however. Instead, the teens must figure out time travel and stop the drug before its inception.

Now, in this second installment of the series, William, Ellie, and Brent realize their memories have been erased—even though everyone else’s is still intact.

With Detective Sparks hell-bent on pinning them with Valerie’s murder and the threat of a global war in the future, the three friends know their mission is more critical than ever.

Full of surprising twists, turns, and cliffhangers that will leave you begging for more, The Traveler’s Quest combines the best of the mystery and science fiction genres into a fast-paced thriller for young adults.

The Traveler Series

Book 3: The Traveler’s Return

Much has happened since Brent, Ellie, William, and Valerie first met an old man from the future. They’ve saved the world from a terrifying epidemic unwittingly caused by their future selves, only to see the timeline change course to an equally devastating outcome.

The teens have watched their future selves die and discovered that someone—or something—has tampered with their own memories, erasing years of personal experiences. They’re about to find out why.

A new threat looms for the time-traveling friends, but unlike their previous adventures, this one takes place in the present, not the future. They’re about to discover what motivates Alexandra, the four-year-old albino girl who keeps drifting in and out of their lives.

Alexandra has a secret she’s been hiding. What she knows—and how she chooses to act—will determine whether the earth even has a future.

The third book in the Traveler trilogy, The Traveler’s Return concludes the time-spanning adventures of Brent, Ellie, William, and Valerie begun in The Traveler’s Secret and continued in Traveler’s Quest.