The Curse of Count Dicky

Bob, Dicky and Rita are medical students by day. But when the full moon comes, their canine teeth lengthen and they become hungry for blood. One problem — Count Dicky faints at the mere mention of blood, let alone sight or touch. How long can a vampire go without feeding? As it turns out, three full moons and two have come and gone already. How will Count Bob and Countess Rita help poor Count Dicky with his big, big dilemma?

ON STAGE @ 2018 INDYFRINGE:  8/16 @ 6P, 8/18 @ 10:30 P, 8/20 @ 9P, 8/24 @ 9P, 8/25 @ 6P & 8/26 @ 1:30P


The Final Word

A woman has a gift of being able to see the past and the future. When Orton enters her office and asks her to write his final words before he kills himself due to terminal hopelessness, will she be able to use her gift to change his mind about committing the act?

If Everyone Dies, I Can’t Graduate!

Gehovia wants more than anything to graduate with her class. But her doctorate thesis project has run into a big snag. Every living thing on the planet is dying off quickly. To graduate she must find the problem and solve it before the universe as we know it becomes nothing more than an empty card board box with suspended lights in it.

Secrets of the Heart

A family used to lying instead of talking about painful issues goes to great lengths to deceive one another about uncomfortable affairs facing them. Will they ever learn that only the truth can set them free?


A scientist from a far away planet goes on a peaceful mission to learn more about inhabited planets. When it’s time to explore Earth, she realizes she must meld her essence with a human being so as to be able to live on the planet. Valerie, a freshman at Moseley High School, is dying after a brain aneurysm rupture, and her body becomes the perfect vehicle to learn about humanness. To her dismay, soon after assimilating Valerie, people of Earth begin dying in large numbers. Will Valerie discover what is causing this rapid population decline and save the planet before every living soul on Earth is gone?