Harmed Series

Book 1: First Do No Harm

It is supposed to be a place of healing–a place where doctors and nurses dedicate their lives to help the sick and injured. Nobody wants to imagine a massacre at a hospital.

So at Newton Memorial, staff and patients are left frightened and stunned after the brutal shooting death of Dr. John Connor and an attending nurse. And when Dr. Jack Norris is asked by police to help with the investigation, he will stop at nothing to figure out how a peaceful patient was suddenly turned into the violent killer that took his best friend’s life.

As an assistant under Dr. Ian Rupert, the hospital’s research director, Dr. Connor could have had access to some secret information about groundbreaking drugs and procedures–knowledge possibly even worth killing or dying for. Could the patient that gunned down the doctor have known more than he let on?

In this captivating medical mystery, loyalties are tested and new frontiers of medical science are explored as hidden intentions come to light–and the truth behind a tragic killing is finally exposed.

Harmed Series

Book 2: Seconds From Revenge

Crime-solver Dr. Jack Norris returns in Harmed: The Revenge, the sequel to author Dr. L. Jan Eira’s medical murder mystery Harmed: First, Do No Harm.

Jack already lost his best friend when a patient pulled out a gun and shot him. And though he helped the police uncover a murderous conspiracy at Newton Memorial Hospital and identify the three people behind the murder, the mastermind still escaped justice. Now, Simon Lagrange is back—and bent on revenge.

Jack first suspects something’s not right when stable cardiac patients start dying. The press learns about the fatal trend, and the beleaguered doctor feels the heat until the plot against him is uncovered. Simon Lagrange, not yet done, has an even more ruthless plot in mind this time—one that threatens both Jack’s life and his reputation. Jack must rely on his nurse Kate to uncover Simon’s connection and stop the plot before more die.

Follow the action in Dr. Eira’s fast-paced follow-up to Harmed: First, Do No Harm. There’s plenty to keep your heart pumping as you read through the pages to its thrilling conclusion.