The Ambush

Dr. Amy Sinclair and her police detective husband, Ben, face the unthinkable when their strapping young son collapses on a soccer field, a victim of apparent neurotoxin poisoning with no known cure. Despite the medical staff’s best efforts, their son is given 10-12 hours to live, and a frantic search for an antidote begins. As doctors and police investigate the strange crime, evidence comes to light connecting it with a series of other unsolved murders that all point toward Dr. Sinclair as being the next victim. As Ben struggles with a local police force that refuses his aid, Amy is in constant contact with the local research lab that is working frantically to save her son. Little do they know that the capable, wheelchair­-bound research doctor working on the team is harboring a dark secret and sufficient motivation to want to destroy Dr. Sinclair’s life. Through a final stand­-off with the murderer, Ben is able to take down the culprit and the selfless sacrifice of Dr. Sinclair’s former colleague leads to her son’s life being saved.