The Freshman That Could

This play is particularly well suited for high school and college stages with as few as 7 to as many as 29 actors (or anything in between) being able to participate. It is written in small, intertwined segments with a unifying theme: Two extraterrestrials come to Earth on a mission to learn more about the human race, in particular the nature of human emotions. One is a scientist who follows protocol and takes over the body of a young girl (Valerie) who was in the process of dying. The other is a military pilot who tires of the tedium of scientific process and takes over the body of a perfectly healthy boy (Bruno), thus marking him to die once their mission is done. Bruno lashes out against Valerie and begins plotting against her and the human race, while Valerie pursues her mission with steadfast determination. Along the way, Valerie meets a young girl named Lucy who, after Valerie reveals her secret identity, aids Valerie in seeing a broad spectrum of the human experience and emotions. Valerie’s mission complete, she must face Bruno and his outrage over his many foiled plans – plans which, it turns out, were undermined by Lucy who is herself an extraterrestrial being as well. Bruno is properly chastised, and Valerie and Lucy confirm their friendship, contending that they will return to Earth together again soon.